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Extending the Life of Your Upholstered Furniture

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No matter how carefully you treat your nice, upholstered furniture, the day will come when they will look a bit worse for wear. A few tips and tricks, however, can help you along the way to extending the life of your upholstered pieces. 1. Vacuum your cushions and upholstered surfaces regularly — about every week. Soil, dirt and dust can settle into textiles and wear them down gradually. Vacuuming will drastically elongate the life of your upholstery.

2. While you're vacuuming, remember to rotate cushions. Most sofa cushions are reversible now, and can sometimes even be repositioned on the sofa as well as just being flipped. Doing so allows the wear to be spread evenly, and you can avoid deep divots in the furniture.

3. If you have pets (and allow them on the furniture), make sure that you remove pet hair and dander with a lint brush or rubber dish glove. Pet hair acts the same as dust and dirt and can wear out upholstery over time.

4. Watch where you position your furniture in a sunny room or make sure to close blinds, as damaging sun rays can affect the textile quality of your upholstery, and also fade color over time.

5. As soon as you buy a new furniture piece, do research on the upholstery to find out what sorts of preventative products can be used on the fabric (such as Scotch Guard) and pre-treat to prevent stains after spills.

6. Have upholstery professionally cleaned periodically. This will tighten fibers, remove all sorts of dust, dirt and mites (ick!), and lengthen the life of upholstery.

If your furniture is beyond repair, or not up to your standards, consider donating to a local charity. Then, come and browse our selection at Wearhouse and More. We pride ourselves in offering quality furniture at affordable prices!

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