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So you have some stuff to sell and you don’t have the time or patience to sell it yourself.  That’s where we come in!


We pay 40% of the selling price by offering in-store credit toward purchases at Wear House and More, cash or check. We pay 60% on items that will sell for $100 or more.

Consignment Days
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays


We keep your items for 90 days.  Unsold items may be picked up within 7 days of the end of the consignment period.  If they are not picked up, your items will be donated.

We accept items on a seasonal basis.  Check our Consignor Calendar to see when to bring in your items.


NOTE: We do not accept electronics or appliances.

Stuff We Always Need

Pre-owned furniture and men's clothing and shoes.

Furniture, Men’s shoes, Junior formals, Plus sizes.

The following hints will help us take your stuff.


Would you buy items that are wrinkled, stained, missing buttons, ripped, have a broken zipper, smell of mothballs or cigarettes, or are out of fashion?  Neither do our customers so be sure you inspect your items so that they are in excellent condition, the way you would want to buy them!

Check common problem areas: Necklines, inside lining of pants, missing buttons, zippers, pockets and under arms.  We pass on large shoulder pads and dated prints.

• Shoes and purses should be cleaned inside and out.  Soles of shoes must be clean and dirt free.

• If a flaw is missed but discovered later, your item will be donated.  So check'em over.
• We accept infant to plus sizes.  Men's, Women's and Children's clothing and accessories.
• We look for the items and labels that sell best for us.  Designer labels, better department store and specialty store labels and current styles.  We realize how much work it is to bring your items to us, but sometimes we have to say no.
We hope this helps!

Consignor Contract

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wear house and more

Selling Your Furniture

Please email photos of any large items for us to view before bringing them into the store, send email to

If you have any other questions, feel free to call us during regular business hours.


Tips for getting the most for your furniture.

Always make the time to clean your items. Take a damp cloth and thoroughly wipe down the entire item, inside and out. Also put a light coat of polish on it. This helps it shine to your customers. 

Purchase a stain stick at any local hardware store and fill in the scratches. This makes the item look newer and creates more value. You will always use stain sticks so keep them handy for the rest of your furniture at home. 

Turn your item over and tighten the screws and bolts. Chairs, tables and dressers all have legs that loosen with time. 

If the item is newer, bring the receipt with you and any original information. This lets the customer know more. 

You may want to do some research on the internet and see if it is still being sold or what it sells for new! 

Many times furniture will absorb odors. Fabreeze is a great product that will help remove these odors. 

Cover your item when transporting it! It is sad when you get it to your destination and the item has new scratches or dents.

All items MUST BE

  • Pressed and ON HANGERS 

  • Within 2 years of fashion

  • No spots, stains, tears, odors

  • Check All Fasteners to insure that they work.

  • No Discount Store Brands: Walmart, KMart, Target

wear house and more

Consignor Calendar
NOTE: We do not accept electronics or appliances.

Stuff We Always Need
Pre-owned furniture and men's clothing and shoes and plus sizes.


We will accept Winter items until January 15th. After the 15th, we will be accepting Spring items only. After January 15th, bring us your Prom Dresses.


Accepting Spring items.  Lightweight sweaters and shirts, capris, pastel colored clothing, lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton, t-shirts, short-sleeved shirts, spring jackets, spring dresses and skirts.  We need St. Patrick's Day, 1st Communion, Easter and Prom items.


We will start accepting Summer items along with the Spring items, shorts, swim wear, tank tops, etc.

April - May

All Summer items are hot now!


We are accepting summer items through July 15th. We need July 4th clothing and decorations.  We are getting ready for the change of seasons.


July 15th, we will start accepting Fall merchandise

Accepting Fall items, especially jeans, long-sleeved shirts, Fall jackets and hoodies. 

September - October

Fall and Winter items such as sweaters, winter coats, leather items and heavy fleece. 
Bring us your Halloween and Thanksgiving clothing, costumes and decor now.

November - December

Up-to-date cocktail dresses for Christmas Parties.  We are putting our breaks on the cold weather stuff. 

Consignor Contract

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